About us

The travel agency for hunting (La Starna) is the first private agency of its kind in Serbia run by a group of young people who want to make a new era of hunting tourism in Serbia and Vojvodina.

After so many bad years that are, thankfully, behind us, Serbia and Vojvodina have to offer to hunters – many trophies tourists, so many beautiful game and hunting preserves. Our staff takes care of secure success in hunting.

All employees of the agency The Partridge are excellent hunters, because hunters only know how good we want to drive out good. The House of hunters is on the main road Kruševac – Prokuplje. It is 4km away from the city center and 25km from the center of Blace Prokuplje. The motorway is 49km away, and the Niš airport at a distance of 56km.

The famous ski center Kopaonik is situated 55km from the House of hunters.

Hunters who hunt in Vojvodina are placed on seals similar, with a perfect kitchen, friendly staff and with our organization.


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