AFRICAN DOVE in Vojvodina (Streptotelia turtur l.)

Period/location of hunting: from August 15th to early September, near Zrenjanin

Dear hunter friends, we inform you that hunting for African turtledoves in Serbia will be closed until August 14, 2024. To satisfy our customers, we have found an alternative in Macedonia where there are several reserves along the Vardar river. The hunt for the 2022 season starts in mid-August through early September.
African Doves are migratory birds. They come to Serbia-Vojvodina in mid-April, where they remain to nest. They start migrating in mid-August.
Based on our experience from previous years, we recommend a hunting period from August 18th to September 10th.


The fee for 3 hunting days (4 days stay) for a group of at least 4 hunters costs 980 euros per person.


Quote covers: Quote does not cover:
    1. Dinner and overnight stay on the evening of arrival
    2. Room with double bed for two people
    3. Accommodation and meals (full board with breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
    4. 3 full days of hunting
    5. Organization of hunting trips
    6. Unlimited killing of your own game
    7. All taxes (entrance fees, gamekeeper)
    8. One companion for every single hunters
    9. Various services of our agency
    1. Additional hunting day 330 euros
    2. Hunting cartridges: euro 10/25 pieces
    3. Serbian hunting license: 10 euros for the hunting season
    4. Game cleaning € 0.50 / head
    5. Drinks


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