Hunting in South African Republic

I received an invitation from my acquaintances Duško Janić and Jess De Klerk, in May 2015, to visit South Africa and see all the popular and well known hunting grounds and to HUNT with them.

We discussed how we can form a partnership between La Starna and Witkop Safaris for a long time. We however agreed that we must experience hunting in the Balkans and Africa before we will feel comfortable recommending and organizing any kind of hunting for our clients in each other’s hunting areas.

It was our common idea that I should see and experience how Witkop Safaris conduct hunts in Africa, from the reception at the airport, the accommodation, hospitality, awesome scenery and the hunting at Witkop. We also had to see the tourist attractions and scenery.

Any comment about the organization of the hunt and unique sunsets in Africa I experienced would be incomplete, so I will express my impressions through the quote of Ernest Hemingway:

“I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy…”

Momi Djenadic

Since October 2016 we have been organizing hunting in South African with our partners:

      • Jess De Klerk, a professional hunter and the owner of the Witkop Hunting Safaris;
      • Duŝan Janić, a professional hunter from Johannesburg

In addition to organizing a African Safari in South Africa including Witkop with 27  Game species we are also able to organize  a “Big 5″ hunt (refers to the African: lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and Cape buffalo) in South Africa and other African countries.

At your request, we will gladly organize not only a custom African Safari, but also sightseeing and stay in South Africa that will include an introduction to culture and tradition of South Africans.

The hunting ground Witkop is located 3 hours’ drive from Johannesburg.

We gave our best to offer our guests the, all inclusive ” package, which includes the following services:

      • Booking and buying of airline tickets to and from Johannesburg, from your nearest airport,
      • reception at the airport, with organized transportation to the hunting grounds,
      • organized hunting for 5 days,
      • organized Safari vehicles during the hunt,
      • every pair of hunters is followed by a PH or for each hunter (professional hunter),
      • transport to the airport.

Hunters who choose to hunt with their own weapons, have an obligation to inform the airline company they are going to fly with a weapon one month at least in advance.

After the end of the safari we will invite the licensed taxidermist, our associates, with whom you can arrange all the details about taxidermy of your trophies and transport to the country you come from.

Packages are designed for hunting group, which contains at least 2 hunters and a maximum of 6 hunters.

Our intent is to accompany all our clients from Europe, from the moment of their arrival until the return from hunting in South Africa.

Momi Djenadic


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