Hunting in Vojvodina

 If you have experienced hunting partridge, quail and woodcock in southern Serbia, organized by agency, “The Partridge”, and you could appreciate the professionalism and expertise of the owner to Momi, we have a great news for you.

      • Doves, quail, pheasants and hares in 37 hunting areas
      • Ungulates (deer, roe deer and wild boar)
      • Geese and ducks in the countryside of Dubovac, an area famous for these hunts from ambush.

All hunting areas will be achieved with our vehicle off-road.

Site near the hunting lodge 40 km far from Zrenjanin.

You will stay in a hunting lodge built in the Austro-Hungarian style, completely renovated and equipped with all comforts, for you and your dogs. The hunting lodge accessible by car from Belgrade and 90km (an hour away).


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