Hunting thrushes in Greece

For the year 2014, we at an area exclusively for hunting thrush.

You can combine the hunt by stalking with that the “schaccio”.

The first thrushes begin to arrive towards the end of October. The period most good is to the end of November, December, January and February.

We will accompany us and local hunters who practice this form of hunting.

We also choose between many apostamenti that make it very well why. positioned in sparsely attended.

In the pictures you can see our accommodation, the Greek Taverna, with Greek and international cuisine. You can get to Zakintos in two ways:

  1. Bari Ferry – Igumenitza or Ancona – Igumenitza and then up to Kilini in machina from where you take the new ferry that goes up Zakintos (an hour away)
  2. The second possibility is to arrive by plane Rome – Athene or Milan – Athene and, by Athene, catch a flight that arrives at Zakintos.

Esendo Zakintos in the EU, all-park can be exported. You can bring your own guns if they have a European card.

For all the info you can contact Momi Djenadic.


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