WILD GOOSE and DUCK at our Exclusive lake

Duck hunting at our “exclusive” lake in the period: from 01/09 to 01/03

We organize duck hunting at the Celije lake which is 7km away from our hunting lodge.
The lake is 12km long and 500 meters wide. In abundance, you can find mallards that make nests, while in autumn and winter you can find teals, shovels, wigeons, hawks, and wild geese.




We own 5 sheds, decoy and molds. We organize hunting every second weekend of the harvest and it lasts from 2 to 3 days for a group of at least 2, maximum 5 hunters (two hunting days – EUR 630 per hunter)


Quote includes: Quote does not include:
  1. Dinner and overnight
  2. Accommodation in the hunting lodge
  3. Full board during the stay: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  4. Unlimited killing of game
  5. Calls, molds, dogs, boat
  6. Hunting permit
  7. Our assistance
  1. An additional day of hunting (€ 315 per hunter)
  2. One day for non-hunter tourist (€ 60) – full board
  3. Transfers to and from the airport
  4. Off-road vehicle rental with driver for 3 hunters (€ 60 per day)
  5. Hunting ammunition rental (€ 10 box – 25 pieces)
  6. Serbian hunting license (€ 10)
  7. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  8. Cleaning and conservation of game 0.50 eur / head

We offer the possibility of renting the lake and exclusive hunting for a group of up to 5 hunters during the hunting season (from 01/09 to 01/03)
Duck hunting can be combined with hunting woodcock pigeons or sedentary game.


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