African dove in Vojvodina

Period/location of hunting: from August 15th to early September, near Zrenjanin

African Doves are migratory birds. They come to Serbia-Vojvodina in mid-April, where they remain to nest. They start migrating in mid-August.

Based on our experience from previous years, we recommend hunting period from August 18th to September 10th.

We provide accomodation to our guests at Hotel Ecka, Ecka

Quote covers: Quote does not cover:
    1. accomodation in double or twin bedroom with bathroom
    2. full board during the entire stay (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
    3. 3 days hunting
    4. hunting organization
    5. hunting without limits
    6. all taxes and services
    7. hunting escort
    8. free alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages during meals
    1. additional day of hunting, EUR 330,00 per hunter
    2. ammunition, 25 pieces – EUR 10,00
    3. licence for hunt in Serbia- EUR 10,00 per hunter
    4. cleaning of hunted game EUR 0,30 a piece
    5. alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages outside meals
    6. renting rifle, EUR 20,00 per day


Quail in our mountain area at 1400 meters

From the first of August until the first of October

For the 2018 hunting season we have prepared a new area within our reserve for hunting quails and wood pigeons in addition to the plains and hills that are already part of our offer.

The area can be reached by car (it is not necessary an off-road vehicle) and it is about 40 minutes from our hunting lodge.

It is an area cultivated with different types of wheat and alfalfa, and native beetles can also be found.

Quail and woodcock hunting

Hunt quail in the period from August 1 to October 1.

Hunt woodcock in the period from October 15 to February 1.

The offer is for a group of at least two hunters.

€ 1,480 per hunter

Game Unlimited

Price include: Price does not includes:
    • 18 days of hunting – includes 4 days of hunting quail and 4 days of hunting woodcock
    • 2All taxes included (the entrance into the hunting ground, the fees for the use of an unlimited number of dogs)
    • 3The organization of hunting quail
    • 4The organization of snipe hunting
    • 5The peeling of the savages
    • 6The companion
    • 7the gamekeeper
    • 8Full board for the entire period (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
    • 9Dinner and accommodation for the day of arrival
    • 10Drinks included
    • 11Using our guns
    • 12Dog training on partridge
    • 1Cartridges (box 25 pcs € -10)
    • 2Hunting license € 10 per hunter (hunting season)
    • 3Hunter who decides to come out hunting alone, pays the difference of 120 € compared to the qu
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