Other programs

The tourist agency hunting partridge, besides hunting program throughout Serbia and Vojvodina, also gladly arrange other types of hunting.

If you have any special requests and if you want to create your own pack of hunting services, we will gladly answer all your needs.

Price includes:
    1. Hunt deer and mouflon
    2. Hunt Chamois
    3. Hunt beat the fawn roe, doe and fawn
    4. Wolf hunting
    5. Hunting of ducks and geese from the boat and shore



Hunt grouse in aspeto (the period 01.05. – 20.05.)

Hunting woodcock (the period 15.10. – 31.10.) in Ulcinj (Montenegro) advise of December and January, four days of hunting, all packed with seluagina without limit to a minimum group of 4 hunters (€ 880 to Hunter)

 Travelling by plane:

Roma – Podgorica

Milano – Podgorica

Travel by boat:

Bari – Bar

Ancona – Bar

Ancona – Durres (Albania)

Hunting area and near Podgorica 70 km, 100 km from Durres and 25 km from Bar


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