BIRD DOG TRAINING at our training center

We provide complete training for bird dogs, including transport of your dogs from your home to our training center in Serbia.

Training takes place during:

        • February (weather permitting), March and April, on pairs of partridges
        • August and September, on flocks of partridges and quails
        • October, November and December,  on flocks of partridges

From October till end of January, a large number of woodcocks is present on our hunting grounds.  The return of woodcock towards northern Europe takes place at the end of March and during April.

Our offer covers basic training and going out on hunting grounds on 4 to 6 days in a week

We document every going out with a photo or a video.



      • 1 bird dog, one month of training, EUR 400,00

Training, food and care for your dog are included in the above price.  In case of need for a veterinary services, we provide veterinary’s report.

For more information contact me via email or phone.



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