Rabbit and Pheasant

Hunting season in Serbia or Vojvodina lasts from October 01st to December 31st (rabbit) or to March 01st (pheasant).

For hare and pheasant hunting we choose land with a large population of this game in Serbia or Vojvodina where we guarantee hunters a sure success.
Hunters hunt throughout the day with feathered dogs, unless they require the so-called “circular hare hunt” which takes place in Vojvodina.


Quote for 3 hunting days, 4 days stay for a group of at least 3 hunters or more (including the shooting of 20 pieces between 15 pheasants and 5 hares – € 1470 per hunter)


Quote covers: Quote does not cover: Game price:
  1. Accommodation in the hunting lodge or in the hotel (room with double bed)
  2. Accommodation of dogs
  3. Full board during the stay: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  4. Hunting permit
  5. Gamekeeper
  6. Veterinary certificate
  7. Game cleaning and conservation
  1. An additional day of hunting (€ 280 per hunter)
  2. One day for non-hunter tourist (€ 60) – full board
  3. Off-road vehicle rental with driver for 3 hunters (€ 60 per day)
  4. Hunting ammunition rental (€ 10 box – 25 pieces)
  5. Serbian hunting license (€ 10)
  6. Hunter who decides to come hunting alone pays the difference of 120 € compared to the fee
  7. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  1. Hare quota: 45 €
  2. Pheasant quota: 20 €

N.B. It offers a special discount for a group of 5 or more hunters


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