Quail hunting in our exclusive reserve in Serbia – Blace county

The quail is part of the migratory bird, arrives in Serbia in early April, hatches, and remains until the end of October.
During the August harvest, sedentary quail are hunted, while the migration begins with the first rains in the second half of August.
The hunting grounds are the same where we train the dogs on partridges and are between 500 meters and 10 km from the hunting lodge.


Mountain area: 1200/1400 m.
We give our dear hunter customers the possibility to choose between a plain and a mountain area.
The whole mountain territory is cultivated with different crops including different types of cereals, potatoes, and alfalfa.
The land can also be reached by car without four-wheel drive.
In addition to quail, wood pigeons can also be hunted and dogs can be trained on partridges.


Quail, turtle dove, and wood pigeon hunting in the period from 15/08 to 01/10
A fee for 4 hunting days, 5 days stay for a group of at least 3 hunters or more (€ 890 per hunter)
During quail hunting, dog training is included in the price.
Quote covers: Quote does not cover:
  1. Accommodation in the hunting lodge – room with double bed
  2. Accommodation of dogs
  3. Full board during the stay: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  4. Unlimited killing of game
  5. Hunting permit
  6. Agency services
  1. An additional day of hunting (€ 195 per hunter)
  2. One day for non-hunter tourist (€ 65) – full stay
  3. Off-road vehicle rental with driver for 3 hunters (€ 60 per day)
  4. Hunting ammunition rental (€ 10 box-25 pieces)
  5. Serbian hunting license (€ 10)
  6. Hunter who decides to come hunting alone pays the difference of 120 € compared to the fee
  7. Cleaning and conservation of game 0.50 eur / head
  8. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks


Mountain area Gallery: 1200 / 1400 m.

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