Quail and woodcock hunting

Hunt quail in the period from August 1 to October 1.

Hunt woodcock in the period from October 15 to February 1.

The offer is for a group of at least two hunters.

€ 1,480 per hunter

Game Unlimited

Price include: Price does not includes:
    • 18 days of hunting – includes 4 days of hunting quail and 4 days of hunting woodcock
    • 2All taxes included (the entrance into the hunting ground, the fees for the use of an unlimited number of dogs)
    • 3The organization of hunting quail
    • 4The organization of snipe hunting
    • 5The peeling of the savages
    • 6The companion
    • 7the gamekeeper
    • 8Full board for the entire period (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
    • 9Dinner and accommodation for the day of arrival
    • 10Drinks included
    • 11Using our guns
    • 12Dog training on partridge
    • 1Cartridges (box 25 pcs € -10)
    • 2Hunting license € 10 per hunter (hunting season)
    • 3Hunter who decides to come out hunting alone, pays the difference of 120 € compared to the qu
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