WOLF in Serbia

It is estimated that there is a population of around 1000 wolves (canis lupus) in Serbia. The highest concentration of wolves is found in the south and south-east of Serbia. In the last ten years, according to statistics, the largest number of wolves have been hunted in the hunting areas of Blace and Prokuplje.

In addition to organizing group hunting for wolves, we specialize in hunting wolves from locks, warm roof terraces during the winter months: December, January, February and March (if there is snow). We have closed roof terraces with heating near our hunting lodge No. 5.

We begin to feed and accustom the wolves to the places as early as the middle of October.
All hunters who hunted thanks to our organization had the opportunity to shoot the wolf during the period of their stay (four nights).
Hunters who are able to come and hunt wolves within 48 hours of our call are guaranteed success (100%).
It is necessary to book 3 months in advance !!!
Wolf hunting in the period from 20.11. to 15.03.

For a group of at least 2 hunters: € 2350 per hunter.
Quote includes:Quote does not include:
  1. 4 nights of hunting
  2. 6 days stay
  3. Culling of a wolf
  4. Full board for the whole period (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  5. Single room
  6. All taxes included
  1. Another downed wolf: € 900
  2. The killing of a wild cat, fox, jackal: 80 €
  3. Transportation to and from the airport (negotiated)
  4. Wolfskin tanning: 250 €
  5. Hunting rifle rental: € 30 per day
  6. An extra hunting day: 330 €
  7. CITIES certificate 300 €
  8. Drinks and sodas
  9. Off-road car rental – per day 60 €

Organization for a single hunter: 2600€



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